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Caution: The Vivenso may cause prolonged life of your carpet, rugs, hard surfaced floors, furniture, bed and most importantly, YOU!

The Vivenso

The Vivenso is made in Germany by Pro-Aqua International. It can handle the toughest commercial or residential applications. The Vivenso uses about ¾ of a gallon (3 liters) of water as the filter. All of the air coming into the Vivenso has to pass through the water where it deposits all the dead skin, dirt, pollens, odors, etc. on its way up and out the exhaust leaving you with clean, water washed air.

Your Health

Keeping your floors and furniture cleaner causes your air to stay clean. Clean air keeps things like mold, mildew, allergens, bacteria odors and more from entering into your body, which can cause you to stay healthy and reduce allergic/asthmatic outbreaks. In addition to cleaning your house and the air, you have the choice to fragrance, sanitize, or medicate the air inside your home or office with our fragrances, or your own essential oils.


The Vivenso’s wide range of functionality includes, but is not limited to:
· Wet & dry vacuuming
· Air purifying (removal of allergens)
· Room scenting (Diffuser)
· Sanitization
· Upholstery & Mattress cleaning
· Carpet cleaning
· Stain removal
· Drain unclogging
· Inflation/deflation
· Vacuum-sealing
· Humidification


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Our Referral Program

Customers who use a referral code from a Vivenso owner will receive a $100 credit toward the purchase of a new machine. If you know someone who would enjoy this machine, simply give them your referral code and direct them to our website.
To show our appreciation, referring owners will be eligible for our Referral Program rewards. Each time your referral code is used to purchase a Vivenso machine, your reward level increases. There is no expiration date on rewards. Please see below for more information.

Level One Rewards

vivenso accessories
Current owners whose referral code is used once are eligible to choose one of our four most popular accessories: the Floor Cleaner, Window Cleaner, Turbo Nozzle, or Squeegee.

Level two rewards

fragrancesCustomers whose codes are used twice advance to level two and are eligible to choose from the remaining three most popular accessories and will also recieve a box of fragrances for their air cleaner.

Level three rewards

mini air purifierCustomers whose codes are used three times advance to level three and are eligible to choose from the remaining two most popular accessories and will also recieve a mini air cleaner.

Level four rewards

Carpet shampooerCustomers whose codes are used four times advance to level four and will receive the remaining most popular accessory and a Spray Extraction Kit.

Level five rewards

level five prizesCustomers whose codes are used five times advance to level five and will receive their choice of a 16g Apple iPad Mini or Instant Pot® brand electric Pressure/Multi cooker.

We introduce this program in good faith and expect the same good faith in return.
Please note that we may withhold rewards where we believe customers are acting in bad faith or otherwise contrary to the intent of this program. To be clear, commercializing or selling referral codes is not appropriate and we will not honor such codes.
Thank you for understanding.

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Customer Reviews

Current Vivenso owners tell us what they love about our products.

Cameo T. (Moab, UT)

I've had my machine for several months now and I love it! It not only cleans my floors exceptionally well but it also purifies the air. We have a dog and the hair is obnoxious and it works itself into the carpeting and you just can't get out with an ordinary vacuum. Every time I clean with the Pro-Aqua I am both appalled and impressed with what it is able to pull out of my carpet! I actually have very little carpeting in my home and I still use this vacuum for my entire house. I haven't touched a broom since I bought it! And knowing that I am not only getting the hair, dust, and other particulates off the floor but trapping the dander and air pollutants in the tank is wonderful! I also am thrilled that the vacuum acts as a diffuser for my essential oils. This is both wonderful for the lovely smell and for the aromatherapy benefits it provides while you are cleaning! Dan is awesome to work with, professional, considerate, and prompt! Plus you will always have someone to call if you are in need of information or if you have a problem with your machine (which I have had no issues at all). The warranty is nice to have but also knowing you can call on Dan is a great benefit as well!

Roland B. (Alamogordo, NM)

I vacuum once a week, but the Vivenso picked up hair from my little K9 that passed 3 years ago. I am pleased with the Vivenso and I am very pleased with the customer service.

Betty Sue G. (St. George UT)

I love my Vivenso! Best investment I made, cannot believe how much it picks up every time I vacuum!

Mary C. (Atlanta GA)

When we purchased the Vivenso, we were worried because of a few bad reviews on the internet from people stating the hose or power nozzle plugs up. I don't know what these people are talking about, we use our Vivenso and have 3 dogs and have all kinds of hair. It does not plug, I think these bad reviews must be from other vacuum companies trying to hurt the Vivenso! Very Pleased Customer would buy again!

Dick G. (Bismarck N.D.)

I traded in an almost new Kirby Vacuum. I was worried about the price, but the Vivenso cleans way better than my Kirby ever did. Am happy!

Don B. (Washington UT)

I purchased the Vivenso about year ago and loved it so much we ended up buying another one for our daughter as a wedding gift!

Bill J. (Rapid City S.D.)

We had Rainbow vacuums for years and loved the Rainbow. This Vivenso is so much easier to use and lighter than the Rainbow vacuum. We are so happy we purchased it would buy another one!

James T. (Bullhead City AZ)

I love my Vivenso vacuum. The only thing I am not crazy about is I wish I had a maid to go along with it!

Gladys T. (Cedar City, UT)

We are pleased with our Vivenso vacuum and also the customer service, we had a few problems to start off on how to use it but our sales rep helped us out. Great machine Great customer service.

Cyndee D. (Las Vegas NV)

We purchased a Vivenso a few years ago and love it. We traded in a bagless vacuum and this machine is so much easier to dump than the bagless. When we dumped it, it put dust all over.

Shelley B. (Prescott AZ)

I was worried about buying the Vivenso because of the price. It was expensive but I feel it was worth every penny. I cannot believe how my carpet and tile look, we thought we would have to replace our carpet, we cannot believe how our carpet came back to life.

Justin W. (Hurricane UT)

We live in a dusty, sandy area and use our Vivenso for filtering the air and cannot believe how much dust it takes out. The only thing I don't like is dumping the tank but it cleans good and filters the air wonderful.

Sylvia A. (Orem UT)

We had a Bagless vacuum and saw the Vivenso at the St. George Parade of homes show. We decided to give it a try we love the Vivenso would buy again.

Thedore C. (Yuma AZ)

We purchased a Vivenso vacuum from the Yuma home show and decided to get the shampooer with it as well and love the shampooer. I shampoo all carpets and car myself. We have saved alot of money on shampooing costs.

Tara H. (Palm Springs, CA)

I had a Central vacuum and hated it, it did not clean at all. We saw the Vivenso at the Palm Springs home show and decided to give it a try. I am glad we did it has helped our allergies so much, I am trying to talk my sister in one as well.

Dottie C. (Lake Havasu City, AZ)

We had Rainbow vacuums and thought those worked well! This Vivenso is so much better we even bought another one to clean the rentals we have!

Ted B. (Billings, MT)

Bought the Vivenso a while ago and still runs great. We have a construction business and use it to clean up after we do remodling. Works better than any other vacuum. I have picked up big screws and nails with it and never had a problem.

Heather J. (Buffalo, SD)

We run a Ranch and have alot of traffic. The Vivenso cleans great, the only thing I don't like is I cannot find a place to put all the tools.

Audrey P. (Mesquite NV)

Not sure how the vacuum part is on the Vivenso, we have never used it because we have a cleaning Lady. Our Cleaning Lady loves it though. But we use it for filtering the air and it works great. We live in a dusty area and the wind blows here all the time. Love my Vivenso!

Martha L. (Sun River, UT)

We have a New home with high ceilings. I love my Vivenso I tell my husband I love it more than him. I am able to clean my high ceilings with ease because of the long hose and wands. Great Vacuum!

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